Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Blue Streak is born

Dear fellow Blogerati,

My attempts at this blog thing have always failed miserably due to a mixture of laziness, confusion, and mild annoyance. I abandoned my original blog because I got annoyed with myself for posting in first person plural (acting as if my blog were a joint-venture between my husband and me), when in fact I am a first person singular independent of my blog-indifferent husband. I got sick of my myspace blog because it is not as fun and I need more fun in my life.

So, I´m turning over a new leaf and am starting this one - alone, blog-indifferent husband left to his own devices, an Americana bitching (and laughing) about life in Spain. I'm here to post pictures and discuss all things but especially life as an expat, literature and film, anything taboo, and just generally things I find funny as hell, like raped olives and crazy ham legs on countertops. Sometimes I might speak Spanglish, like this guy.

More to come,


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