Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Fever....A Happy post about nothing.

Ahhhh, Spring Fever. I admit to not ever knowing what that term meant until I moved to Seville. Why is the Spring so much more intense here?? Suddenly there has been a change in the air and I am not such a whiner anymore. It is just hard not to be insanely happy when the orange blossoms usurp the city like this and you leave work and you still have a little bit of day left! Everyone around me is suddenly so good looking too. What is with that? Maybe it is all the skin I keep seeing.

I feel like I have been complaining all winter and now I have something to truly be grateful for. It comes in waves living over here. But I admit that when I have visitors come to town, especially when it is spring, I start to view this city again like I did the first time I came here (thanks for the visit John and Kelly!). I guess it is easy to take the surroundings for granted when you have to get up and go to work every day just like anywhere else. Sometimes I think people are under the impression that we are in a constant state of bliss just for living here, when that is not the case at all….but I can say I feel a little blissful these days.

Maybe it was the trip to Barcelona last weekend that has made me so happy. You know you are an American expat living in Seville when you go to Barcelona for Indian food.

Life is good and it smells fucking great in this city.

It is Friday, I do not know what the hell I am still doing at work with this kind of weather, and I am about to go have a beer.


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Sarita said...

Enjoy that cervecita! Spring here fricking rocks and it makes up for all the BS we put up with living here!

But another weekend in BCN would be awesome too!