Wednesday, July 2, 2008


2:00 a.m. Alone, weird apartment in España profunda (Alomartes, Granada -- DON´T google it). Don´t ask.

I have no idea how I ended up here.

I am thinking of the sweetest, truest words I have heard from any friend in a long time:

"You have outgrown your old self".

Thank you.

And I am thinking "Anda que la vida no da vueltas ni ná".

Then, four nut-covered chocolate donuts later I am thinking, "What´s so bad about a fat ass?".

-former aerobics instructor, current donut overdoser, Bluestreak.

artwork from Flickr by nuanc


Kristy said...

the bad thingh about a fat ass is that rtl might bitch about you on your own blog.

RTL said...

Ha Ha. You are girls.

And one time I was at the computer lab at the college I went to and saw this cutie in a little sun dress. A little junk, just the right amount. What's this girlie's program? Then she turned around and it was Blue Steak! Baby looked good but still. I stopped checking out chicks for the rest of that day, I can tell you.



Bluestreak said...
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Bluestreak said...


Oh yeah, I remember that day. You perve. Too bad 31 year old Bluestreak ass isn´t as good as 20year old Bluestreak ass. Age sucks. Pass the donuts.

karey m. said...

donuts. the new heroin. ugh.