Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm unemployed now, so this is what I do all day:

An Oxymoron is not an idiot with zits
Aquanaut Drinks Coffee
Ask and Ye Shall Receive
Attack of the Redneck Mommy
Cubicles Backporch

Formerly Fun
Ghost of Keywork
Here in Franklin
Immoral Matriarch

Miss Britt
Memoirs of a Dirty Pirate Hooker
Moutain Lover
My Guey
Not Afraid to Use It
Okay, Fine, Dammit
People In The Sun
Praying to Darwin
Regardez Moi
Sometimes I make lists
Sanity, Interrupted
Strange Dark Gypsy Girl

The Cusp
The Froth
Tobi Et Al

Un Hombre Sentado en una Silla
Whiskey In My Sippy Cup

Other expats that deal with the same kind of shit as me:

Almost American
A Free Man
A Sapling Grows In Spain

A Wandering Woman Writes from Spain
El Guiri
Expat Mama
Fned´s Blog
Florida Girl in Sydney
Hasta MaƱana Banana
Hi From Thailand
I Don´t Want No Pickle, I Just Want To Ride My Bike and Other Coccyx Cracking Tales
La Gatita Gringa
Mackin Ink
On The Fringe
Stacy and Bruno in Sevilla
The Perpetual Expatriate
The Rain in Spain
This Non-American Life
What Do I Do All Day?


Xbox4NappyRash said...

I should be in the expat section!

Joke. Well, not really. But I should.

Oh well...

Bluestreak said...

Xbox - Thanks for stopping by, I didn´t realize you were an expat like me! I suppose I should switch it, although being an expat isn´t your defining feature (your defining feature is being a self-proclaimed "misfiring shagger", although I don´t have a category for that yet), so I think you might be more suited to be in the category of "Distractions that make my job bearable".

...Kidding, if you really wanna be in the expat club, you´re in.

Oh, and you´re so much more than a misfiring shagger (and my hunch is you´re not gonna be one for long).

karey m. said...

i'm in your club! i'm in your club!

yes. i've wormed my way in.

loving your last few posts, by the by. so glad you stayed.

Bluestreak said...

karey m - thanks so much for your kindness. you´ve always been in, no worming necessary. If I kept blogging, it´s cause I thought you might be reading.

aoc gold said...
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among found objects said...

I dont know what the misfiring shagger is talking about... at least he made the cut... I think I will sulk and have a pitty party just for me... you´re invited if you want... i will allure you with bloody marys.

Bluestreak said...

There. You´re added. And you have the longest fucking blog title of anyone I know.

Portorosa said...

Oh, thank-you very much!

I'm really surprised...

Anonymous said...

Blue--thanks so much for the props. I adore my virtual visits to Spain. And, of course, we share a love for Raising Arizona...If I were unemployed, I'd be glued to my blogs. Oh, wait, I do that at work. Hmmm...