Friday, August 29, 2008

Cause I´d rather be pimping than working

Ok, this is my final attempt to help Ghost of Keywork get votes for Hottest Blogger, besides I´m well out of material for the week, and bored as hell at work. If you haven´t voted yet, just hop on over and vote. We could help this well-deserving hottie win a trip to NY (he is, after all, paying his debt to society).

If you are like me, and are more into personality as opposed to looks, consider the following statements he has made in the last few days in the blogosphere, which swept me off my feet with his grace and charisma:

"How does this Mormon-With-Lots -Of-Wives thing work? Do I have to be Mormon?"

"Well, I haven't killed anyone yet, so I would say the detox is going well"

"Tired of doing something 'just because'? So was I. Know what I did? I snagged a couple of ankle monitors and now I do things because I 'have to or I'll go to jail for 90 days'."

"Violence in trees is a big turn on for me too."

"I guess I could have just cut to the chase and said, 'I want to fuck a cartoon, I'm a dork'."

"...I could have Jesus giving me a foot rub and people would still know that I'm no good."

"...I think I´m tearing up. Kidding, I just got maced by a librarian."

"Look, my panties, you've bunched them up."

So come on, friends, get your vote out for Key, one day left. If you hadn´t noticed, I voted for him cause he makes me piss myself laughing. Oh, and cause he´s hot in uniform.

Good luck, Key.



ghost of keywork said...

Rimjob? Really, I owe you big, Bluestreak, thanks. We'll see what happens, if I make it you can bet you're getting the first copy of the calendar I can find.

Bluestreak said...

Can I politely decline on the rimjob offer? I do appreciate the gratitude though. Your shoes are in my thoughts.

ghost of keywork said...

But of course, Bluestreak. As long as you're polite about it.

Bluestreak said...

But, yo, I´ll definitely take a calendar.

ghost of keywork said...

Yeah you will. Word.

jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

I'm gonna have to check this guy's blog out. hee hee. If he has one liners like that, he can't be all bad!

ghost of keywork said...

Thanks, Jen, enjoy your visit.

Bluestreak said...

jen - yeah, it´s funny stuff.

Key - how´s the vote tally coming? I´m dying to see you in some stilettos.

Tobi said...

Oh,he's bad. I think I like him.

ghost of keywork said...

Bluestreak, I'm hanging strong at number five. Number six is the guy that played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek the Next Generation. So I'm hotter than a D list celebrity! Tobi, thanks, remember to vote and you're welcome to stop by my blog. Just make sure you bring your own toys.

Manager Mom said...

I am going to have to quote that panty comment.

Bluestreak said...

manager mom, i love the panty comment too.

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