Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy Shit: thanks for the sanity.

You know how there are certain friends that have had such a formative effect on your life that when you talk to them it is like having a conversation with yourself, except without the feeling of the little voices that make you think you´re losing your fucking mind all the time? You can usually tell within 5 seconds of listening to their sense of humor again that it is exactly like yours. There are a few of these people in my past. Only a handful. At this age I don´t know if it´s possible to find new friends that have the same effect, because you´re fully formed now, you´re fucking thirty-something and you may as well be 80, your mind is a damn rock, and besides you are busy as hell and don´t have time to hang out, you miserable adult. You are who you are today because of those people in your past that helped shape your personality.

I just talked to my dear friend Mary. My god, do I miss thee. Can you just hang out in my brain and then when I need a laugh or need to make fucking decisions consult you as needed?

Could I get this lovely handful of friends in a room and can we give each other shit again for hours? And can we just toss our beer bottles from our chairs into your kitchen again and listen to them crash? No? Come on. I´ll let you laugh at me until I can´t take it anymore, or you can slam my back again into the asphalt in front of your damn apartment complex and then act like it was the funniest joke ever (thanks Josh and Mary, I doubt you even remember that, you A-holes). And then I´ll write all over your face with permanent marker while you´re passed out. No? Doesn´t sound like fun anymore? Are we too adult for this shit?

There´s been talk of a New Years reunion of the lovely handful. If any of you A-holes are reading this (I know some of you read this and you biatches never leave a comment) and are even thinking of not meeting me in New York in January, I will hunt you down and make you drink with me whether you are in Seattle, San Francisco, fucking Milwaukee or Philly. Either that or I sweartogod I´ll drunk dial you at the most inopportune moment.

All I want is a few hours of the crazies being around the table with me and not just in my head.




jen @ the cubicle's backporch said...

I'm 'only' 25 and I think I've already reached the 'too old to make new friends' phase. Between working and being my lazy ass self, I just don't put forth the effort.

And there's nothing like your old friends who understand your sense of humor, aren't offended when you ask them how much money they make, and aren't afraid to ask about your sex life. Ahh.

Bluestreak said...

jen - If I ever get too old to make friends, I should be put to sleep. Actually, I didn't mean it in that way (crap now all my Americanita-Spain friends are gonna kill me), I meant that they no longer have the same effect on who you become as the ones from early on when you had hours and hours to do fuck all with them in their living room.

Tobi said...

Speaking of friends--I nominated you for a blog award. You can kill me later.

Yo Momma said...

can stranger fellow crazies apply for this party? ;p

RTL said...


I was there and it is hard to read.

You are past thirty, chick. You are what you are going to be. you are the type who grew into a person who likes to meet new friends.

Which is good for your old friends. Bec. if you didnt like meeting new friends then you wouldnt have old friends...

Dear Readers, its a formula.

When you make friends during a transition/growth spurt, we tend to......(you know the rest)

RTL said...
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Bluestreak said...

Yo Mamma - sure, there's a big chance my friends are gonna hang me out to dry anway.

RTL - hard to read, por que? Don't call me chick, dammit, call me baby. so am I gonna have to go to Milwaukee and get your ass drunk?

Bluestreak said...

Tobi - crap, I don't know how blog awards work yet. It might take me a while to figure out. But thanks love.

RTL said...

Sorry Baby. And by the way, you keepin' that pooper in check? Shake that shit.

Its hard to read because I dont have a sentimental bone in my body. The throwing bottles part made me laugh out loud. But the next day nobody knew why we threw the shit to begin with. Or why some of you girls would thumb rides home alone when you were wasted and I had to run and jump in the car just because. Next day conversation, " yo', baby, you just got into that car with that guy..." Answer, "dont let me do that again."

guess I have a better memory or maybe I fucked up more back then. But for good thing that happened, by the end, bad things happened too. Try trying to walk down the hallway when your roomate and ex-se-frie are making out in the hallway. Or the townies that you live with hate your guts and you hate theirs but you just have 3 more months to graduate.

My experienced was balenced and I woulnd trade it for the world. But I wouldnt wanna go on that ride again.

As for the re-union. We have to be more finacially realistic than NYC on New Years. I will, 100%, drive to the east coast or to AZ the other way, but I am splitting a room, staying in a shi hole, or crashing on the floor/coach. Name the place except if its $150+ per night. All we will end up doing by the second night is going out for happy hour and playing asshole all night.


Bluestreak said...

RTL - I don´t remember hitching rides like that. Seriously?

I´m not talking about going back to the dark ages, I´m talking about seeing old friends as they are now (hopefully a tamer version, as I wouldn´t last two hours of the kind of craziness that used to go on back then, I´d be begging you to slit my wrists within twenty minutes)

But damn if I´m not up for a game of A-hole and some PBR (or whatever gets the job done).

Bluestreak said...

Now I know that wasn´t me who hitched rides. As I recall, I was always the one driving, cause none of you A-holes had cars.

Captain Steve said...

Dude, my buddy that I did shit like that with is sitting directly behind me on her computer, singing "I'm Proud to be an American" in a bad, bad southern hick accent waving a light up Statue of Liberty pen around while playing Warcraft. I see your hick and raise you a geek-hick.

Bluestreak said...

captain steve - sounds like my kind of friend!