Monday, August 25, 2008

Relief? Oh, and whoring.

I quit my other job today. Not the whore-job, but the other one, where I pretend like I know more than fuck all about microalgae.

Suddenly I have...oh my that? time? Um...what? Time to keep my toenails looking like they are appendaged* to a normal humans´foot? Time to throw away chocolate boxes and other such clutter that has colonized my domicile? Time to question why I´m whoring myself out for money to the highest bidder at my regular job (well, actually the only bidder that showed up for the auction)? Time to make my life resemble Groundhog Day a little less? Time to not just pretend like I´m going to go to the gym and actually cook the poultry mutha fucka in my fridge like I did yesterday? Time to wash my hair? (Washing it feels like a tiresome bitch right now, as does quitting smoking, which should be description enough to tell you what my hair smells like). Time to call family members? (Uh oh, I have to remember that sometimes family members actually read this). Time to spend the money I no longer have?

Time to wish I was elsewhere?

I´m not used to all this time. It´s agobiante. This afternoon with all this free time, I´m going to do what I do best; Nada. As in, nadadamnthing.

By the way, speaking of whoring people out, I thought I´d whore out my new blogger friend ghost of keywork, cause the dude really needs to win a trip to NY and I´m not about to stand in his way. You may recall how I feel about going to NY (so I may as well spread a little NY karma) You´re supposed to vote him as the hottest blogger here, which is hard to contest because he´s the only person I know with the balls enough to A) post a real life picture of himself and his house-arrest-ankle-bracelets on his blog and B) call himself hot after doing so. He deserves some kind of award for that, right?


Photo by from Flickr

*yeah, i know that´s not a verb. So what?


Maggie, Dammit said...

Just like Pare! Except she lives 15 minutes from me and I can force her to drink at 11am any damn time I please... and you live, well, a LOT further away.

So if you feel like a road trip to Wisconsin with all your new free time....

Bluestreak said...

maggie, now I just need to shake my real job and I´ll be all set for a road trip to WI, which sounds like total awesomeness to me right now.

ghost of keywork said...

Thanks, Bluestreak, I can't tell you how much this means to me. Because you live in fucking Spain. Ankle monitors are hot though.

miss hell said...

bluey, free time is GOLD. now you have time to think about how you can make a career change and/or continue your studies? when i get back to spain we are going to go hiking and a trip or two to portugal will most certainly be in the mix. and sangriaaaaaaaa in the park!

chloe said...

we ARE on the same wavelength. I have found some really useful (or maybe useless) websites that help you fill those long hours away from work.

Rachel said...

Good for you!

Bluestreak said...

ghost - yeah, no prob. I´m hoping some of that NY karma comes back to me for New Years.

miss hell - hurry back, I NEED another trip to Portugal.

Chloe - pass them along, I love having more reasons not to do the stuff I listed in my post.

Rachel - yeah, I´m psyched.

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